Practice Areas

I provide advice on the creation and maintenance of contractual relationships and defend clients’ interests before the German civil courts.

Trade and Company Law, General Civil Law

Trade and company law is my main area of practice. I continuously receive certified training for practitioners in these areas. Common tasks are matters of contract drafting, contracts for sales and distribution, services, work, production and rent, as well as delictual/tortuous liability, and the choice and design of a company type suitable for an undertaking.

International Law

If Germany is not the only country to which the facts of your case are related, I will also identify the courts that have international jurisdiction to hear your case, and in how far German, international and foreign laws are decisive.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Business

Since business enterprises are increasingly scrutinised for their impacts on the environment and human rights, I advise on the integration of Corporate-Responsibility Policies into company statutes and by-laws as well as contracts with business partners. Integrating CR into a company’s “genetic code” makes it more effective and durable and means a competitive advantage, as it creates consumer confidence that lasts longer than “public relations” and advertisement campaigns.

In the context of human rights and the environment, I also consult on the prospects and risk of lawsuits before German civil courts. This relates to claims under the laws of delict (tort), unjustified enrichment and unfair competition (either between businesses or of consumer protection agencies against a business). Especially “dumping-price products” and the deceitful use of voluntary codes of conduct have gained considerable relevance in practice and before German courts.


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